All our travels should be towards our ideals!

Brand Story

What is the meaning of travel?

What is the meaning of travel?

Is a short escape from one place to another

Is it the self-cultivation of lingering in the mountains and rivers, or the life experience of broadening your horizons?

Maybe both, maybe neither

When we are busy in the duny world, have we ever looked back at where our ideals are?

When we started to travel, have we ever thought about the purpose?

When we are busy in all our travels

All should move towards their ideals!

When we were busy, did we look back where our ideals were?

Some trips, once set off, are already off course.

And we believe that life is a journey.

All our travels should be towards our ideals!

Line inward

This is the philosophy we uphold and the way of life that we advocate.

A suitcase, a pair of feet, a heart, a road,

Let faith lead you forward

This is Yu Luxing's walking attitude

We pay attention to the needs of travelers, pay tribute to the perseverance in the form of tenacity, and hope that a reliable trolley can be your intimate partner during the journey, wherever you go.

Don't care about the noise of the outside world, just focus on the inner voice; don't care how far away, just focus on every step under your feet.

Climbing countless mountains, in the end only when you climb the mountain in your heart, you will find a fulfilled self.

"Go inward" makes travel more real.