All our travels should be towards our ideals!

Brand Story



The persistence quality of not giving up on oneself is the most solid foot of Yuluxing

Is it wronged by the external reality, or the pursuit of inner realization?
The world has become so fast that many people have no time to calm down and polish themselves, and finally choose to follow the trend.
But we will always meet other people.
They refuse to be assimilated, they have strong ideals in their hearts, their pursuit of self and belief in freedom are more than anything else!
Uncompromising, non-stop, moving forward firmly in the temper, step by step closer to their ideals, what flows in their bodies is the love of life!
Let’s live up to every minute and every second that came into this world!
For them, life is a non-stop journey.
Salute to such travelers! With the same belief, we will make suitcases that travel with them all the way.


Constantly creating new things will result in the future.

From the polishing of the details, to the selection of materials for the box, to the arc where the handle fits the palm, we strive to do our best, because this is how we get along with travelers.
All we can do is to make every suitcase not a burden for them, but a reliable partner for them.
The road is always at your feet. Once you have identified the direction, you will never feel lonely even if you walk alone, because there are not only boxes but also ideals that accompany you along the way!