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How to choose a trolley case that suits you

2020-11-10 15:35:12 Pinghu Hongyu Bags Co., Ltd. Read

        There are a few things to pay attention to when choosing a trolley case: 1. The material of the trolley case; 2. The accessories of the trolley case; 3. The capacity of the trolley case.

        Trolley cases are divided into soft cases and hard cases according to their materials. The soft cases are divided into full soft cases and semi-soft hard cases. The hard cases are generally divided into aluminum frame cases and zipper cases.

        Soft boxes are generally made of Oxford cloth, polyester, canvas, etc. Because they are made of fabric, they are generally lighter. There are usually many bags before and after the soft box body, which makes the soft box have the advantages of multiple functions and large capacity, but the waterproof performance of the soft box is generally not very good; the hard box is generally made of PP, PC, ABS+PC and other materials , Generally colorful, beautiful appearance, impact resistance, can protect the luggage in the box, but generally heavier than the soft box;

         Here are some of these materials: Oxford cloth: a material similar to nylon, the advantage is that it is wear-resistant and practical, but the disadvantage is that the boxes are the same, it is difficult to distinguish luggage at the airport, and they are heavier. Polyester: Polyester fabric is a commonly used chemical fiber fabric. It has high strength and elastic recovery ability, and has good waterproof luggage. It is often used for outdoor products. Canvas: The biggest advantage is wear resistance. The color of the canvas material is very uniform, but the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth. ABS: lighter, more flexible and rigid surface, good impact resistance, easier to clean, the disadvantage is that it is prone to scratches. PC: Anti-drop, waterproof, impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant, stronger than ABS, the strongest in the box, of course, the price is also expensive, the biggest disadvantage is the weight. Other materials: cowhide: from a price perspective, cowhide is the most expensive. From the performance point of view, it is also the most precious: fear of water, fear of rubbing, fear of pressure, fear of scratching-fear of everything and need to be properly kept. Of course, cowhide boxes are very valuable. However, the use of leather is indeed not environmentally friendly, and there is no harm if there is no sale. Pu leather: It is the artificial leather PU material that everyone is familiar with. The advantage of this kind of box is that the appearance is very similar to leather, but the price is much lower than that of leather. The appearance is high-grade, not afraid of water. The disadvantage is that the abrasion resistance and firmness are low. So if you are traveling far, it is recommended to choose PC, PC+ABS box is better.