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The main material of the current trolley case?

2020-11-10 15:36:32 Pinghu Hongyu Bags Co., Ltd. Read

       The current trolley case material can be divided into ABS material, PU leather, PC, canvas, Oxford cloth.

       ABS material: ABS is a new type of material, and it is also a popular fashion material. The main feature is lighter weight, soft and rigid surface, impact resistance, better protection of the items in the trolley case, and easy cleaning, but The disadvantage is that it is prone to scratches, and you must bring a box cover to prevent scratches.

       PU leather material: PU material is a kind of artificial leather as the name suggests. The biggest advantage is that it is not afraid of water, and the price is low, but the wear resistance and firmness are much worse.

       PC material: This is a material that is currently used more frequently. It is not a problem in terms of wear resistance, drop resistance, water resistance, and impact resistance. More importantly, it combines strength and fashion. It is a tie rod of several materials. The strongest in the box, don’t worry about being dropped or touched at all. And generally, the trolley case made of PC material looks smooth and fashionable.

       Oxford cloth material: Oxford cloth is a kind of nylon, with high abrasion resistance and strong practicability, but the trolley cases of Oxford cloth look the same, there is no characteristic and style at all, and the weight is higher than other materials. The box is too heavy.

       Canvas material: The biggest feature of this material is that it is compact and thick, feels stiff, is firm and wear-resistant, and is as wear-resistant as Oxford cloth, but its impact resistance is slightly worse than Oxford cloth, but it is better than waterproof and wear-resistant.